First U.S. municipality to require Cradle to Cradle certification for all public projects installing carpet

An article in Building Green covers news of a March 2018 City and County of San Francisco regulation (PDF) requiring carpet products installed in publicly-funded "projects like public schools, libraries, and government buildings" be "Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver or better. This makes San Francisco the first municipality to mandate Cradle to Cradle certification." The regulation also includes minimum recycled content requirements, prohibitions on a long list of hazardous chemicals, and limits City purchases to carpet tiles because they allow for easy replacement and minimize waste. The regulation generally prohibits cushion-backed carpet tiles and broadloom (rolled) carpets, with a few exceptions. In SF Approved, "which lists all products and services that meet the city’s health and environmental requirements, there are currently only three brands with products that meet all criteria included in the regulation: Shaw, Patcraft, and Tandus."