EPR for HHW bill in Vermont

H 560 passed the Vermont House on March 21, 2018 and awaits their Senate. If the bill passes (the Governor pledged not to impose any new taxes or fees, including H 560):

in 2020, a manufacturer of a household product containing a hazardous substance would be required to register "each year each household product containing a hazardous substance with the Secretary of Natural Resources prior to sale or distribution... and pay an annual fee of $100.00 for each registered household product containing a hazardous substance," as well as defining what is and is not a hazardous substance.

Among the findings the bill addresses: "Despite the diligent efforts of the solid waste management entities to divert HHW from municipal solid waste disposed of in landfills, it is estimated that only 3.8% of residents statewide participate in HHW collection events or dispose of HHW at HHW permanent facilities. As a result of the failure to divert HHW, it is estimated that 640 tons or more per year of HHW are being disposed of in landfills as municipal solid waste." (via PSI winter 2018 newsletter)