Clallam County votes to develop secure medicine return law

Clallam County Board of Health voted unanimously August 1 "to pursue a medicine return policy for Clallam County... The Board is expected to discuss the fee schedule at its August 15 [2017] meeting... The ordinance will be vetted by the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office before it is presented in a public hearing." Clallam’s ordinance "will be based largely on Kitsap County’s secure medicine return law... Since public health efforts are coordinated in Clallam, Jefferson and Kitsap counties, the Jefferson County health board may be included to consider adopting its own ordinance." If passed, Clallam would be the fifth county and Jefferson the sixth in Washington state to pass pharmaceutical product stewardship laws. Both Kitsap and Pierce county secure medicine return locations are planned to open in the fall of 2017; King County secure medicine return opened in January 2017.