Canadian electronics stewardship program expands to include microwaves

Of the 23 states which have electronics stewardship programs, none cover the recycling of microwaves, including neither E-Cycle Washington nor Oregon E-Cycles. Yet the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, according to Resource Recycling, will expand in May 2018 the list of device types it accepts for electronics recycling, from "TVs and monitors, computers and peripherals, office phones, home audio and video systems, desktop printers, personal audio/video players and vehicle audio/video systems," to add "countertop microwave ovens, scanners, floor-standing printers, external storage drives and modems, game consoles and peripherals, e-book readers and GPS devices."

In contrast, E-Cycle Washington accepts TVs, computers, computer monitors, laptops, tablets, E-readers, and portable DVD players, while Oregon E-Cycles accepts computers (desktops, laptops, and tablets), monitors, TVs, printers, keyboards and mice.