CalRecycle rejects CARE carpet stewardship plan, again

After CalRecycle rejected the carpet industry's stewardship plan in December 2016, Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) submitted a revised plan in February 2017, which was considered at an April 18 CalRecycle public meeting in Sacramento (YouTube, from the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC)).
The Director of CalRecycle announced at the April 18, 2017 meeting that CARE’s revised plan is disapproved. CARE is allowed to continue to operate under their 2016 plan for 60 days while they submit a new plan; CalRecycle staff will plan for commencing enforcement actions against manufacturers as well as "hold a workshop to provide information on how to draft and submit a stewardship plan(s) that comply with state law."

"Without any approved Plans, all manufacturers of carpet, selling in California, are currently subject to penalties of $10,000 per day until such time as they are covered by a Department-approved plan... However, in order to preserve the recycling infrastructure and to avoid market disruptions, manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers in compliance with the prior 2016 Carpet Stewardship Plan may continue to operate for the next 60 days without being subject to fines for selling carpet in California."

The revised plan, response, comments, FAQs, and the disapproval are available on CalRecycle's carpet stewardship plans website. Resource Recycling covered the news and history of the "long-brewing conflict... [and] rare public breakdown", while CARE's April 2017 carpet stewardship program update also covered the news.