Washington State Public Health Association Resolution (06-02)

March, 2006

In 2006, the WSPHA adopted WSPHA Resolution 06-02 (PDF file, 34KB), a resolution endorsing the Precautionary Principle as a public health tool for preventing harm from persistent bioaccumulative toxic chemicals (PBTs). The Precautionary Principle holds that those who produce goods should be responsible for ensuring they are healthy for the population.

Also in 2006, the WSPHA adopted WSPHA Resolution 06-04 (PDF file, 25KB), a resolution on supporting safer chemicals policies to benefit human and environmental health. The resolution called for safer chemical policies to achieve the phase out of hazardous chemicals, including persistent bioaccumulative toxic chemicals, as well as support for research and development, including green chemistry approaches.

In 2007, both the WSPHA and the Washington State Medical Association (WSMA) passed WSPHA Resolution 07-03 (PDF file, 32KB), a resolution that identified the inadequacies of existing chemicals regulations and called for reform supporting federal and Washington State action to implement a comprehensive chemicals policy to improve and protect public health.