Washington Paint Stewardship 2012 (SB 6145/HB 2540)

January, 2012

SB 6145, and its companion bill HB 2540 (PDF) were introduced in January 2012 at the initiative of the paint industry American Coatings Association (ACA) but did not pass. The bill would have created a collection program for the recycling or proper disposal of unwanted architectural paint in Washington state.  

The bill requires that the paint stewardship organization fund and manage a paint recycling program on behalf of paint manufacturers.  The program would be funded through an assessment on paint paint sold in Washington state. No fee would be charged to the users of the paint program at the time the paint is brought in for recycling. The paint stewardship organization would be required submit a program plan to the Department of Ecology and program implementation would begin on July 1, 2014 or three months after approval of the paint stewardship program plan.

The bill specifies that there be "reasonably convenient" and available statewide collection of leftover paint. Participation as a collection site is voluntary and could be conducted by paint retailers, government-run Moderate Risk Waste (MRW) facilities or other organizations meeting the operating criteria.

The stewardship organization would provide educational materials about the program that would be distributed to the public by paint retailers. The program would be overseen and enforced by the Department of Ecology.

View the Summary of SSB 6145.

Read the Senate Bill Report (PDF) for a summary of activity. Watch TVW video of SB 6145’s hearings and testimony: