Product Care rebranding stewardship services

Product Care Association of Canada (PCA), a nonprofit offering stewardship services across nine Canadian provinces, is rebranding as Product Care Recycling, as of January 2019. Previously, consumers were able to find information about recycling programs for paint, household hazardous waste (HHW) and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at, and information about light recycling at, while information for industry lived under the Product Care name at For ease and consistency for all stakeholders, all of these assets now consolidated under one name and website:

"In 1994, the province of British Columbia introduced Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations for paint, obligating paint producers (retailers, manufacturers, etc.) to develop recycling processes for their end-of-life products. The regulations were stringent and comprehensive, requiring producers to create collection networks, product transportation systems, processing standards, reporting and auditing practices, public awareness and education strategies, and more. In response, paint producers united to form Product Care (then called Paint Care), a not-for-profit organization that would manage every aspect of the provincial EPR requirements on their behalf, ensuring that its members (aka paint producers) were compliant. Paint Care was a tremendous success, capturing significant volumes of paint in its recycling program. In subsequent years, the company was renamed to Product Care when it expanded throughout Canada, into the United States and added more products to its purview."

Product Care is hiring an Environmental Program Manager position in Vancouver, British Columbia: deadline is Feb. 22, 2019, but applications will be considered as they are received.